Video Script Title: The A to Z Story of Kaliyuga - Birth, Age, and Death

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Video Script Title: The A to Z Story of Kaliyuga - Birth, Age, and Death

Video Script Title: The A to Z Story of Kaliyuga - Birth, Age, and Death

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Published on 20 Feb 2023


Kaliyuga, the fourth and final era in the Hindu religion, is believed to be the age of darkness, ignorance, and sin. In this video, we will be taking you on an A to Z journey through the story of Kaliyuga, exploring its birth, age, and ultimate demise.

Section 1: The Birth of Kaliyuga

According to Hindu mythology, Kaliyuga was born when Lord Vishnu, one of the three main deities, ended his tenth avatar, the Kalki avatar. Kaliyuga began in 3102 BCE, when the great war of Mahabharata came to an end. It is believed that during the Kaliyuga era, the human race would face numerous challenges, including greed, hatred, and deceit.

Section 2: The Age of Kaliyuga

The age of Kaliyuga is characterized by the presence of adharma (unrighteousness), which is believed to be the root cause of all the problems in the world. The age is also marked by the degradation of moral and ethical values. Here are some key features of the Kaliyuga era:

  • A. Increase in Violence: Kaliyuga is marked by a rise in violence and aggression, both on an individual and collective level.
  • B. Lack of Respect for Women: Women are not respected, and violence against them is common.
  • C. Decline in Mental and Physical Health: Kaliyuga is also characterized by an increase in physical and mental ailments.
  • D. Shorter Life Span: The life span of human beings has gradually reduced since the beginning of Kaliyuga.

Section 3: The Death of Kaliyuga

As with all things, Kaliyuga will eventually come to an end. According to Hindu mythology, at the end of Kaliyuga, Lord Kalki, the final avatar of Lord Vishnu, will appear on earth to restore dharma and bring an end to the age of darkness. This will mark the beginning of a new era, the Satyuga, which is characterized by righteousness, truth, and purity.


Kaliyuga is a significant era in Hindu mythology, representing the age of darkness, ignorance, and sin. The era is characterized by the degradation of moral and ethical values, an increase in violence and aggression, and a decline in physical and mental health. However, it is important to remember that Kaliyuga is not eternal, and a new era of righteousness and purity will eventually emerge. By understanding the story of Kaliyuga, we can better appreciate the importance of dharma and strive to live our lives in a way that upholds the values of truth, righteousness, and purity.

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