English Poem on Lohri, Indian Festival

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English Poem on Lohri, Indian Festival

English Poem on Lohri, Indian Festival

The fire burns bright on Lohri night
As we dance and sing with all our might
We gather round with family and friends
To celebrate this joyous end

The sweet aroma of peanuts and popcorn
Fills the air, making our stomachs pop in
We sing praises to the sun and the land
For a bountiful harvest, we take a stand

We share stories and laughter, old and new
As we welcome the harvest season anew
With warmth in our hearts and a smile on our face
We celebrate Lohri with grace

So let the fire burn, let the music play
As we dance and sing the night away
For Lohri is a time of joy and cheer
A time to come together, far and near.

We pray for the wellbeing of our loved ones,
For the coming year to be filled with fun.
A toast to the fire, the sun, and the land
Happy Lohri, to all, across the land.

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