Driving a car with an automatic gearbox!

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Driving a car with an automatic gearbox!

In the changing times, people preferring to have the automatic gearbox in their cars. Automatic gearboxes are useful in traffic jams, specially in metro cities, simultaneously there is freedom from the hassle of changing gears.

People take a vehicle with an automatic gearbox, but usually they also make a lot of mistakes while driving, due to which the automatic transmission of such a vehicle causes a lot of problems.

Do you also drive a car with an automatic gearbox?
If yes! So keep these precautions:

Driving a car with an automatic gearbox! (Pic: carfrom...)

Avoid neutralizing on slopes

The biggest mistake that people often make while driving a vehicle with an automatic gearbox is to keep the vehicle in the neutral (N), specially on slopes, in order to save oil. Remember, this will be problematic, not only with the automatic gearbox of the vehicle but with your driving experiences too.

The oil supply will stop and driving on a neutral can also cause a road accident. Therefore, you should avoid making these small mistakes.

Shifting gear from D to R is 'dangerous' without stopping the car!

There is basic difference between manual car driving and automatic car driving. But, many people drive both in the same way as, direct D to R or R to D shifting, while doing so is the biggest mistake.

If you also make this kind of mistake then avoid these mistakes, else your vehicle's transmission and clutch may get damaged. In addition, the gearbox can also be defective. Best of all, whenever you change gears, always do this by stopping the vehicle at that time.

Launch control feature

Automatic vehicles have a launch control feature. Many people do not know how to shift from automatic to manual gear. Many people do it from the Shift neutral to D, which is wrong. This can cause problems in the car. Therefore, you should follow the correct method like: When you are driving, you press on the brake pedal. At the same time, then slowly remove your foot from the brake paddle.

Use P mode

The P mode means parking mode is important in automatic transmission cars. This feature is used to prevent vehicles from going backward and forwards. But do not use the parking mode until your car stops completely. You have to take special care that you do not take the moving car directly to the P mode. By doing this, transmission can suffer losses and problems.

Don't put your car in Neutral on the red lights

Often people make the mistake that in order to save the oil of vehicles, they shuffle the vehicle to neutral at the red lights. This can cause damage or problems in the gearbox of the vehicle. So whenever you are standing near the red light while driving, use the brake and keep the gearbox of the car always on the drive mode at that time.

If your car has a start or stop button, you can also use it.
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