Don't forget 'these things' while transferring property!

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Don't forget 'these things' while transferring property!

Buying a property is the most important in one's life! At the time of purchasing property, most people pay large deposits of their lives. This is why it becomes even more important to keep important points in mind when purchasing a property.
Don't forget 'these things' while transferring property! (Pic: title...)

Here, it is necessary to know that your responsibility will not end with giving the money to the seller. Even after that, it is necessary to do the paperwork. Many important papers will be required when you are going to buy a property and it can seem a bit difficult at that time. So, it should be noted ahead of time. Remember, ignoring it can prove costly to you.

Change the owner's name in the property tax document 

In most places, you pay your property tax. For this, you have to submit a property-related document to the Revenue Commissioner. These documents mainly include cell transaction deeds, final tax payment receipts, application forms and No Objection Certificates (NOCs) from housing transactions. Whenever you buy your property, complete the tax related formalities and put your name on the property.

Daakhil Khaarij

Yes, it is an important process. Even after purchasing the property, without it, the property is not completely yours. For this, you have to submit the application to the Tehsildar and NOC with the necessary documents.

Changing name in electricity and water bill

Electricity bills are used for proof of address at all locations. Whenever you buy your property, you should not delay in presenting your name in these documents. For this, you have to go to the nearby Electricity Office and Jal Board and take your application along with the necessary documents.

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