Child pornography is a crime

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Child pornography is a crime

In recent years, despite the goodness of the Internet, many types of cyber crimes have also increased. People are becoming very cautious about cyber crime and the government is trying to strengthen it by taking some strict steps.

In this episode, today we will know what is child pornography and what kind of legal provisions have been made.

Child pornography is a crime (Pic: propublica)

Pornography refers to pornographic images, videos, messages, audio clips, etc., related to sexual acts that contain nudity. While the case of child pornography is related to children. Significantly, in India, the IT Act i.e. Information and Technology Act (2000) and Section 67 (a) (Amendment) Act 2008 of IT provides punishment for child pornography.

Containing content related to child pornography in your smartphone, computer, laptop, etc. is prohibited. Keeping child pornography material, including photos, videos, clips is a serious crime.
In addition, the advertisement, promotion or transaction of such material also falls in this category.

For this, you can be jailed up to 5 years.

Keep in mind that viewing child pornography is also a crime. This case is now working very effectively under Section 67B of the IT Act.
Under this section, if a person shares or uploads any kind of content related to child pornography on social media platforms, or records or surfing, browsing on a website, it is considered a crime.
There is a provision of 5 years imprisonment or fine of Rs 10 lakh or both if found guilty of doing so for the first time.

Whereas, the offender has a provision of up to 7 years in jail or fine or both. Remember, there is no provision for bail in such cases. The purpose of this Act is to protect children from any form of sexual abuse.

Apart from the IT Act, some sections of the IPC have also been included to punish it according to the severity of child pornography. Apart from child pornography, it is illegal to publish or broadcast it electronically and to reach people.

However, it is not illegal to watch, read or listen to normal porn.
But, it is illegal to watch children's porn. Matters related to children are more stringent. Children i.e. below 18 years. Creating such relationships by luring children online also falls into this category.
People who make a video or MMS of a minor child without clothes or porn are also covered under this law.

It is better to avoid any such activity to create a civilized and developed society. This law is a meaningful effort in the direction that we can give children a better society.

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