Video Script for Short Film(GATING PEACE IN GARDEN)

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Video Script for Short Film(GATING PEACE IN GARDEN)

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Published on 10 MAY 2023

Title: Garden of Peace


A beautiful, well-tended garden filled with vibrant flowers, tall trees, and a serene atmosphere. The sound of birds chirping fills the air. The garden gate is slightly ajar.

SARAH, a middle-aged woman, enters the garden. She carries a heavy burden, her face etched with worry and sadness. She walks slowly, searching for solace.

Sarah spots the GARDENER, an elderly man with a warm smile, tending to the flowers. She approaches him tentatively.

Excuse me, sir! Is this the Garden of Peace?

Indeed, it is. Welcome, my dear. How can I assist you?

(voice quivering)
I've come seeking peace. My life has been filled with turmoil, and I desperately need tranquility.

The Gardener nods empathetically.

Peace can be found within these garden walls. But remember, my dear, peace is not something to be found, but something we create within ourselves.

Sarah looks puzzled but intrigued.

How can I create peace within me? My heart is heavy, and my mind is chaotic.

Peace requires letting go of the things that weigh us down, embracing forgiveness, and finding gratitude in the present moment.

Sarah's eyes fill with tears as she contemplates the Gardener's words.

But how do I start? How do I let go?

Gardener walks toward the garden gate, and Sarah follows.

(reaching the gate)
The gate holds the key, my dear. To enter the Garden of Peace, you must first close the gate behind you, shutting out the worries and regrets of the world outside.

Sarah takes a deep breath and slowly closes the gate, leaving her troubles on the other side.

Now, take a walk through the garden. Observe the beauty around you, smell the fragrance of the flowers, and listen to the symphony of nature. Let your worries fade away, even if just for a moment.

Sarah follows the Gardener's advice. As she walks, she becomes more present, her shoulders relax, and a sense of calm begins to wash over her.



Sarah sits on a bench, basking in the serenity of the garden. She is peaceful, her face radiating contentment.

The Gardener joins her on the bench.

Have you found a moment of peace, my dear?

Yes, I have. Thank you for guiding me. I realize now that peace is a journey, and I must actively cultivate it within myself.

The gardener pats Sarah's hand gently.

You are most welcome. Remember, the Garden of Peace is always here, waiting for you to return whenever you need it.

Sarah takes one last look at the garden, gratitude filling her heart.

Thank you, and goodbye for now. I will cherish this experience always.

Sarah exits the garden, leaving the gate slightly ajar, knowing she can return whenever she seeks peace.


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