Should the child write on the book or on the copy?

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Should the child write on the book or on the copy?

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Published on 10 Feb 2023

Whether a child should write on a book or copy depends on various factors such as the purpose of writing, the type of book, and the individual preferences of the child and teacher. Here are some pros and cons to consider:

Writing on a book:

  1. Writing directly on a book can help the child engage more deeply with the material and retain information better.
  2. It allows the child to annotate, underline, and highlight important passages, making it easier to review and study later.
  1. Writing on a book may cause damage to the book, especially if the child uses pens or markers that bleed through the pages.
  2. Some books may be too valuable or rare to write on.

Writing on a copy:

  1. Writing on a separate piece of paper allows the child to have a physical record of their notes and annotations, which can be kept and reviewed later.
  2. It prevents damage to the original book.

  1. Writing on a separate copy can be less convenient and less immersive than writing directly on the book.
  2. It may not be as effective in helping the child retain information and can become a chore rather than an interactive experience.
Ultimately, the choice of whether to write on a book or a copy should be based on the individual needs and preferences of the child and the educational context in which they are working.

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