January Month: Grow these Vegetables in your Terrace Garden

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January Month: Grow these Vegetables in your Terrace Garden

In January, Grow these vegetables in your garden

Writer: Vindhyawasini Singh
Published on 11 Jan 2023 

Whenever you do gardening, especially if you want to grow vegetables, you need to have an understanding of the weather. If you want to understand the weather simply, then you can understand it in terms of months. In such a situation, we will tell you in this article which vegetable you should plant in your garden in different months.

We should also keep in mind that many times there is a shortage of space while gardening, in such a way many people plant vegetables in pots, etc. and now even PVC pipes have started producing good organic, especially in cities...

In such a situation, it becomes even more important to identify those vegetables that can be grown properly in less space.

So let us first know in this episode which vegetables you can grow in January.

Before we move forward you know that in January it is very cold, in such a situation you have fewer options and you have to work on those fewer options.

1. Brinjal (You can grow eggplant in January)

Brinjal can be easily grown in your kitchen garden. It can give a good yield even in January. The biggest thing is that you can grow it in pots, and grow bags as well. Although it would be even better if you try it in PVC pipe, on Veg Roof's youtube channel you can see that PVC pipe can grow very well brinjal.

In such a situation, even in January, you have to prepare it through brinjal seedlings. You can also get brinjal plants from a nearby nursery, or use Saplings you already have.

For this, it is most important to prepare the soil and in the soil, you generally add half gardening soil and half old cow dung manure or vermicompost.

If you want to improve the soil, then you can add some amount of calcium, some coco peat, and bone meal. This soil will be useful for you in the future also if you add a small amount of neem cake to it. By mixing all these things, the best soil is prepared and this soil will be suitable for brinjal.
Its growth is a little less in the January season because it is very cold, but as the winter subsides, the plant will grow well and you will start getting brinjals.

2. Capsicum (You can grow Capsicum in January)

You can also easily grow capsicum in January. As you know, capsicum is widely used not only in vegetables but also in fast food. Whether you are frying rice or making any fast food, Chow mein, etc., you need capsicum there. You can grow it in your garden, even with a PVC pipe.

We recommend growing in PVC pipes because people have less space on the roofs in the cities and many people do not even have a roof, they have a balcony. In this case, 2 to 4 pots fill the entire space, while if you install PVC pipe, instead of 5 pots, 25 to 30 plants can be planted.

We have explained the whole process in detail on Veg Roof's YouTube channel, or you can also ask by contacting our WhatsApp group.

The process of soil preparation for capsicum is also the same, which has been described above for the preparation of soil for brinjal. Let us tell you that it is better if the soil is smooth and loamy. Talking in simple language, the soil should not be too hard, rather it should be such loose soil that the roots of the plants can spread easily. If the soil is hard, then you can increase the amount of cocopeat and sand in it. You can also increase the amount of old cow dung manure.

For capsicum also plants have to be prepared by transplanting capsicum seeds and after preparing the plant you can easily plant it in your pots in grow bags or in PVC pipes. Its growth is also relatively less in winter, but it grows rapidly as soon as the winter subsides.

In between you have to keep giving organic fertilizer, if you have planted capsicum in PVC pipe then liquid fertilizer will be good and after a time you start getting capsicum easily.

 3. Spinach (You can grow Spinach in January)

Spinach grows well in January, although there is little space for it in the cities, you can still try it. You can also try it in a pot, and you can also plant it in a grow bag, but it would be best if you try it in a milk crate. You can find cheap old crates around that are also portable.

Spinach does not require too much soil, 6 inches of soil is sufficient for spinach and you can easily grow it in milk crates. For this, also prepare the soil in the same way as you have prepared the soil for brinjal and capsicum, which is mentioned above.

It would be better if there is a little more sand in it. Keep in mind that it should not be overwatered while irrigating. most of the time beginners in gardening give too much water to the plants and the plants rot.

4. Garlic and Onions can also be planted (You can grow Garlic and Onions in January).

Keep in mind that when it is being talked about planting garlic and onions, do not compare it with the cultivation of large fields in the village. One of the biggest advantages of planting garlic and onions in winter, especially for urban gardeners, is that you will get fresh garlic leaves and onion leaves.
Our experience with this has been excellent. Garlic leaves chutney and garlic leaves paratha taste amazing. In the same way, the vegetable of fresh organic onion leaves is very scrumptious.

You can also grow it in milk crates etc. For this also the soil of the crate is sufficient. Make the soil the same way as the method mentioned above for spinach. If you plant garlic buds in it, the cold of January will not be a major hindrance to the growth of garlic leaves, but it will produce both of them in an even better way. 

Then you keep consuming them in January and with the enjoyment that all the members in the house will get from it, your gardening will prove to be worthwhile.

It is cold in January, so we have fewer options, but still, it is not that there is no option. Enjoy the above things and do tell us your suggestions regarding any kind of urban guarding. 

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