Things to remember before admission!

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Things to remember before admission!

School is a place where the child spends the most important time of his life, about 15 years. In such a situation, if you want to get admission to your child in a school, then you should ask yourself something directly and gather information about it.

Believe it or not, but the future of your child is going to be decided by the school itself. Let's have a look at some questions that you should take care of before enrolling your child-

Before admission in a school!

Future-ready school or not?

If you are putting your child in any school, so it is important for you to enquire what kind of vision the school has, specially in the near future. Before admission of your child, you should check about Teaching Methods, Technology, Methods to handle social and Employment challenges of the coming time, etc.

Similarly, what are the methods to be adopted for academic problem-solving skills, be sure to know this. If the school follows the same pattern as orthodox, then definitely consider how your child will be able to deal with future challenges.

How skilled are the teachers?

This is really a important question. After parents, if children are the most influenced by anyone, then they are teachers. Believe it, when asking this question and taking information about it, you should not hesitate at all. Ask directly from school management about the qualification of teachers in the school, about their experience and do they update their skills from time to time?
Only after getting a satisfactory answer to it, decide your next step.

Outside of the classroom?

Time has changed very fast. Classroom programs are an essential part of most of the schools, but in addition to the classroom, extra-curricular activities, including field trips, society/community activities, etc are also much important.
In addition to the textbook, project work and hands-on activity have become more important in the new era.


It has become a very important and critical factor for every parent. In changing times, you should seek information directly with the schools that what is the system of surveillance in school? What is the policy of giving a Punishment to a child and How do teachers place children in the discipline and deal with practical difficulties?

You should not show any hesitation in checking the track record of the school. It is an important factor that you may find it difficult to ignore.


Needless to say that technology has become the backbone of the changing times, even in the education system. In such a situation, you can check the computer, different labs, other technology with artificial intelligence and its application in school.

You can also keep an eye on the preparation of the textbook. Similarly, you can see how much school is preferring all learning solutions in modern times!


You should also understand the way of assessment. How do schools assess different things taught in the classroom? is there only the exam pattern? It is more important to understand whether students are encouraged there or they are discouraged!

Student-Teacher Ratio (Ratio)

This is a factor that you may find small, but in a school where the ratio of teacher and student is more, it is very difficult to be able to give personal attention to the child. Of course, this will affect your child's learning ability.

Accountability towards parents

Is there an environment in the school where proper cognizance is taken on parent questions and feedback?
You should get proper information regarding its interaction system.


It is very important for you to know that, on what value system the school is running, how children are taught to be social and how they are encouraged?

So these were some of the main things that every parent should pay attention to before taking admission to school. What you think about this, please tell in the comment box.

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