2023: What kind of celebration is this? What kind of culture is this? What kind of revenue stream is this?

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2023: What kind of celebration is this? What kind of culture is this? What kind of revenue stream is this?

  • By selling one crore bottles in a month only, worth more than 218 crores in Delhi itself, the Delhi government got a revenue of 560 crores, which will probably be used to provide free electricity and water!
  • Liquor will now be available 24 hours a day in IT companies' offices in Noida, and the money from that liquor will help make the country a trillion-dollar economy and possibly a world leader... Like big leaders have been showing dreams to the public!

2023: What kind of celebration is this? What kind of culture is this? What kind of revenue stream is this?

Writer: Mithilesh Kumar Singh, New Delhi 
Published on 12 Jan 2023

The mutilated body of a 20-year-old girl, Anjali Singh, lying on the streets of Delhi has forced one to think that, what kind of celebration culture we are creating? Hardly any Indian would have expected such a worst welcome for the New Year 2023!

After all, why does any celebration mean booze and hubbub?

In this entire article, we will not talk about law and order, but will put some meaningful figures in front of you. Read this, and think for yourself whether we Indians were really like this, or else think whether we want to be like this.

We have talked too much on Law and order functioning, and this will continue, but believe me, the bigger reason is our governments, our society, our institutions, and we too.
Drunk, hooliganism, driving uncontrollably on the road in a state of intoxication, then being seen behind the bars of the jail... Is this a celebration?

Watch two more news in similar reference...

A figure has come in which from 24 to 31 December 2022, one crore bottles worth more than Rs 218 crore were sold in Delhi alone. Liquor worth more than 45 crores was sold only on the last night of the new year, i.e. 31st December 2022. Of course! The Delhi government got a revenue of about 560 crores from this, and this revenue was probably used to provide free electricity and water to the people of Delhi! 

The matter is very clear, and that is to give plenty of alcohol to the people of Delhi, and after taking 'alcohal money' from them, later give them free electricity and water with the same money!

And this is not only about Delhi, let us tell you another piece of news, and that news is from Noida, the birth state of 'Shri Ram and Shri Krishna', i.e  Uttar Pradesh. It is news from Noida, related with IT and ITES Companies. That is, now bars will be able to open in the offices of IT-enabled services companies for 24 hours. This proposal has been approved by the Noida Authority, and it is being told that its demand was going on for a long time. 

That is, now all the employees and officers in the offices of Noida, will do their work by spilling the jam.
Now, what to say?

We can only assume that this will help India to become a 5 trillion or more than five trillion dollar economy, which will ultimately help to make India a 'Vishwaguru'!

The much-awaited 'dream-show' of popular leaders... !!

The matter is very clear that now the Noida Authority can easily give NOC Certificate to the companies. So now people in India will work hard, and after getting tired they will work after drinking alcohol!But, what about the side effects of drunken culture?

After leaving the office, some of those people do road raise in an inebriated condition, some do uncontrolled driving, and some rape a girl?
Does any authority, any government, take responsibility for the same?
And why only after leaving the office, if a lady gets gang-raped in the office itself, then the governments will throw all the blame on police and administration easily... the public's anger will be diverted towards that only!

With the money from this liquor, some politicians can promise to create a trillion-dollar economy, while some will make a clean sweep in the elections by giving free electricity and water to the same public, enticing the public.

But the question is the same! No matter how many trillion-dollar economies we create with the money of alcohol, what will we get from it? No matter how many things we give free to the public with the money of alcohol, we should remember that a girl like Anjali was dragged 13 kilometers behind a car, on a naked road!
So, what the hell do we have to do with this kind of 'alcoholic society'?

It is not that stopping alcohol will solve these problems. More than 70 people died in Bihar with this kind of 'prohibition-policy' in December 2022, and this was due to drinking illegal liquor. So how did prohibition become an alternative?

And why only Bihar, despite the prohibition in Gujarat too, in which part of Gujarat liquor is not available?

The reality is that this life is on the middle path... Neither alcohol prohibition, nor alcohol promotion is appropriate. Both these situations are extreme!
More importantly, Including liquor as the main source of revenue by different governments is completely against the interest of society.

There should be a strict prohibition of liquor in public places, the licensing process should be so complicated, that no one can get it by bribing an officer!

If possible, liquor should be sold by linking it to an Aadhaar card, a quota should be fixed. After all, if all services country wide can be linked to Aadhaar, why not the sale of liquor?

In services like Army, the way each Army Personnel is given liquor under a quota, similarly the general public should also get it in a limited quantity under a quota for personal consumption. It should not happen that if someone has more money, then he should shed rivers of alcohol!

Such a balance can be maintained, so that neither a black market will grow, like 'Bihar', nor the river of uncontrolled liquor flow in states like 'Delhi'!

Just think! Availability of liquor is so easy and this is leading people to another state of mind, and ultimately how are they impacting society? Especially on celebration occasions, like the new year, marriages or birthday parties, or similar parties, we become mad, insensitive, and creates hubbub!

Can we imagine, what is the intoxication level that did not allow those five to stop, who was dragging a girl up to 13 kilometers on the road?

After all, Anjali can be a sister-daughter-wife in our house too. Or do we think we are free from these kinds of conditions? 

Truth be told, whether we ban liquor or not, there is a need for a complete ban on the consumption of liquor in public. It should be completely personal. And the governments will have to be especially aware that India cannot be made a 'Vishwaguru' with the money of liquor sold to the Indian Public. Or by giving them free electricity and water!

What is the use of such free things? Or what is the use of such a trillion-dollar economy, whose root is alcohol only?

There is a popular saying in the villages that no matter how much money you earn, a drunkard son is enough to ruin it... and here we are making the whole society drunkard, that too in the name of celebration. , that too with the justification of revenue generation for the government?

  • What kind of celebration is this?
  • What kind of culture is this after all?
  • After all, what kind of revenue model is this?

Think deeper! ... and write your views in the comment-box.

WriterMithilesh Kumar Singh, New Delhi 
Published on 12 Jan 2023

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