Waste to Wonder: The new tourist place in Delhi

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Waste to Wonder: The new tourist place in Delhi

The wanderers have to see something new and exciting place every day!
People get bored by looking at old places in big cities and when a new place comes up in the city, all the people wants to go there. Delhi's 'Waste to Wonder Park' is incredible and if you are a traveler, you should definitely go there.

Waste to Wonder: The new tourist place in Delhi 

This park is located in South Delhi and this has attracted the attention of the people rapidly. South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC), has constructed this park from junk and its biggest feature is that all the wonders of the world are contained in this park. Of course! Replica of them!

But, the construction has made so beautifully that you will enjoy and specially in your selfie!

Places like Pisa's Tower, Statue of Liberty, Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower, Colosseum, Christ the Redeemer, Pyramid of Giza, if you meet in one place, consider it a surprise.
In crowded places like Delhi, you will definitely find peace at this place and it is very possible that you also get inspiration from this place that nothing is waste in the world.

Let's see what are the 7 things that you can see here

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is India's pride in the world. Most foreign tourists come to India to see the Taj Mahal only. Though many of them also go to other places, the Taj Mahal is the most attractive among them.

The Taj Mahal of this park is about 37 feet high and uses electric pipes, old jaalis, bicycle rings, nut bolts, and other iron junk. You will see the maximum crowd of people who take selfies here. Also, just as fountains in front of the original Taj Mahal, similarly you will also get to see here.

The Pyramids of Giza

Who does not know the pyramids of Egypt? These pyramids are famous in all over the world because the method of protecting the bodies of deceased people were devised in it.

This type of pyramid has also been replicated in Delhi's Waste Wonder Park in which pipes and other angles have been used in addition to the metal seats of the truck. Also, information about the Egyptian pyramids is written on the nearby strip.

Statue of liberty

You will find a replica of America's famous Statue of Liberty in Waste Wonder Park. Electric wire, bicycle chains, metal sheets, and old flashlight, as well as rickshaw angles and pipes, have been used while making it. Definitely, you will praise it and if you look closely you will not be able to live without being inspired by it.
If you visit this place in the evening, then you will find it a very exciting place.

Eiffel Tower

Who does not know the Eiffel Tower of France? But you will consider this 70 feet tower also as the Eiffel Tower, in Waste Wonder Park. If you take a selfie with it in the evening lights and post it on social media, many of your friends can be deceived.

Yes! It looks like a replica of the exact Eiffel Tower, but the special thing is that junk has been used in making this tower. Various iron angles, seats used to make trucks, etc. have been used in it.

Christ the redeemer

This is a very famous place in Brazil. This statue of Jesus Christ located in Rio city of Brazil is 130 feet and its height is only 25 feet in Waste Wonder Park. But you will find this incredible and the special thing is that it contains old junk, electric pipes, Bike chains, sheets, etc. You will be praising the engineers who built it.

Tower of Pisa

The tower of Pisa seems to be visible here and its height is about 39 feet. Metal seats, old angles, clutch plates, cable wires, etc. have been used in making this tower and it will also have a large crowd of selfie lovers.

The Colosseum

You must have heard the famous MP theater of Rome and it has been built here. All the automobile parts, metal pipes, angles, etc. have been used in it, but you will find it very huge to see and all the tourists you will find staring around it.

How did you like this article, please enter your view in the comment box and if you get time, then go to the Waste to Wonder Park in Delhi.

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