Want to purchase a property in abroad? ... know these rules!

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Want to purchase a property in abroad? ... know these rules!

In terms of investment, there is also an option to buy property abroad. Thinking behind this is, when slowdown takes place abroad, then investing in it can give a good return.

Apart from this, many people also plan for their retirement that they will go to one of the particular countries at the time of retirement. Whatever the reason may be, to buy a property outside India, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

Want to purchase a property in abroad? ... know these rules! (Pic: lynda)

This is a fact that the process of buying property is different in different countries. If we talk about Flats In Singapore, then you can take a flat or a house there but cannot buy land. Similarly, you can buy apartments in Dubai which are leasehold. You can lease a house in Thailand similarly.

Similarly, in different countries, you must take care of some rules for acquiring a property.

In this, the necessary rules related to those countries must be considered. Here fees related to the property can include legal fees, insurance maintenance, brokerage, etc. For this, you should contact the broker of a reputed company and study the relevant laws of that country.

Do know that if you buy a property in a particular country and later you want to sell it and want to move out of it, then what are its options?

If you buy a property abroad for investment, but in case you do not like or switch, then you must know the way to get out of it.

One more thing to keep in mind is you should not take a shortcut to taxation and go through a straight path. After all, in other countries, you cannot get the same facility as India and once you get blacklisted, then you may face a lot of problems there.

Therefore, it is very important to fully understand the tax-related complications and pay the tax as per particular country rule.

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